Sunday, January, 20 2013

I don’t pretend to know what it’s like for weary parents with a handful of energetic kids during school holidays, but if you do, and are at the end of your tether, take comfort in the fact you only have a few weeks left. We’ve been blessed with some beautiful summer days here in Sydney lately, which hopefully has enticed computer savvy kids outside into the backyard. Here are a couple of ideas to exhaust some of that energy (your kids’ not yours) and with little preparation for you.

  • Mini Olympics: Boys will love this especially with their innate competitiveness. Set up a circuit with a skipping rope, soccer ball and cones, hurdles and a tennis ball and racquet combo and watch as they run through their paces. Let the kids think of their own rules and goals for each station

  • Scavenger Hunt: I used to enjoy searching for Easter eggs hidden in the garden as a child, so try a slight variation with rhyming clues hidden in various points of the yard, eventually leading to the buried ‘treasure’. Anything gold and shiny or mysterious looking works a treat.


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